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2011 Event Schedule

Feed Your Need for Speed!

Like the rush of roaring down the road at 80mph, diving through the turns, passing cars and avoiding wrecks? But hate when that car with flashing blue and red lights pulls you over? Then feed your need for speed every weekend at North Star Speedway with new and exciting affordable race divisions, to fit your skills and budget.

Rev it up in a spec Legend or Baby Grand car. Swap paint, bang fenders and thrill yourself in the low cost, Lightning or Thunder Stock car. Or, test your racing technology knowledge in the intermediate SST’s and Late Models!

So, trade the tickets and court dates for trophies in victory lane. Become a part of the GCI Saturday Night Thunder racing series at North Star Speedway. Contact North Star Speedway today to find out how you can start your engine.

THUNDER STOCKS – Low cost, affordable racecars. Find a big V6 or V8 car, bust out the glass, put in a roll cage and go racing! Similar to Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Roadrunners, Clunkers. Often seen Outside at mid-week shows. Stock engines, stock suspension, DOT tires. Are you tough enough? Find a car and go racing for under $1500. Contact North Star Speedway for more information.

SPORTSMAN/SUPER TRUCKS(SST’s) – Combination of cars (similar to Super Stocks) and trucks (similar to American Race Trucks) running 8″ Goodyear slicks. Limited suspension components, engine specs, and tire rules help keep the cost of this division affordable for intermediate to advanced drivers and teams.

BABY GRANDS – (Spec) Baby Grands are a 2/3 scale replica of a Nextel Cup car. They’re powered by 1200-1300cc Yamaha XJR1300 engines which produce 120-125 hp. With a weight of approximately 1250 pounds, Baby Grands produce a 1:10 power to weight ratio, making them perfect for the 1/4 mile. Sanctioned by MMRA. Contact Baby Grand Stockcars of Alaska at (907)376-RACE for more details on how you can become the next superstar in the Baby Grands.

LIGHTNING STOCKS – 4 cylinder cars with DOT tires, stock engines and affordable costs. Similar to Bumble Bees, Econos. Bust out the windows, put in the required safety gear and go racing! Like Thunder Stocks, just less cylinders!

LEGENDS – (Spec) Produced by 600 Racing in North Carolina. Powered by the same Yamaha engine as the Baby Grand, these cars are great affordable racecars. These cars are easy to learn with both on-site local dealer and factory support. Attend national events and compete with some of the top drivers in the world for INEX points. Contact Northstar Racing Inc. at (907)745-1835 for information and a test drive in these fun affordable cars.

BANDOLEROS – (Spec) Produced by 600 Racing in North Carolina. Powered by Briggs & Stratton engines. Introduce your kids, 8 years old and up, to the fun responsibility of racing. Contact Northstar Racing Inc. at (907)745-1835 for information and a test drive.

LATE MODELS – Full Bodied, fabricated frame, stock or fabricated front clip, fiberglass offset or perimeter chassis, Chevy Monte Carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, Dodge Intrepid, and Ford Taurus . Utilizing 10″ Goodyear slicks on wide 5 or 5×5 wheels. Coil-over or big spring suspension. Ford 9″ or quick change rear-end. Similar to NASCAR Busch series cars.

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